Remedial pregnancy Massage

60 minutes $90.00      |     90 minutes $110.00


"A woman's body will never go through more physical and emotional changes than it does during pregnancy. You deserve to be comfortable and supported so you may enjoy the full miracle that is motherhood".  

The pending arrival of a new child can be a very exciting time for a mother to be but it can also leave a woman feeling  anxious and overwhelmed.
Every expectant mum experience  physical and emotional changes that are unique to them.  These changes most commonly occur as a result of posture change, increased weight,and changing hormone levels. While this is a beautiful time of expectation and joy, mothers to be also endure a range is discomforts from reflux, lower back pain and anxiety .

The good news is that receiving regular massage when pregnant may help relieve a wide range of complaints such as:

Reduce muscle aches/ pains/ cramps
Ease swollen and aching legs
Reduce swelling and excess fluid retention
Ease hormone and tension headache
Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints
Ease insomnia, anxiety and heartburn
Improves outcome of labor and eases labor pain
Provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering.

Body position during pregnancy massage

Many professional organisations (including Pregnancy Massage Australia) consider the best position for a pregnant woman during massage is side lying. To assure that you and your baby are safe supported we only consult in this reccomended side lying position. We provide you with a luxury padded  table so you will be comfortable enough to fall asleep duing treatment.​​

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